STEAM to Fuel ‘Cities in Space’ at 2015 New Worlds Conference

In the classroom right now are the innovators, scientists, artists, settlers and pioneers of new worlds. Where better to begin our future in space than with our children who will be the leading pioneers of this new journey?

It will take great planning and innovation to make this happen; and it is our current population of students that will be living and thriving amidst these colonies. By integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum into the context of settling space, students are able to postulate compelling solutions for diverse scenarios while gaining experience in space entrepreneurship.

On October 16–17 inside the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX, New Worlds 2015 will host a global ‘Cities in Space’ STEAM Competition which will focus on creating a sustainable settlement in Free Space, the moon or Mars, permitting the human race to survive and flourish into an new spacefaring (and settling) civilization.

Colonies will be based upon settling a human population of 1,000 people, and student teams will integrate engineering, science, architecture, and genuine innovation to create prototypes through video and 3D modeling. Throughout the conference, competing students will have the opportunity to listen to speakers and connect with scientists, engineers, NASA experts, NewSpace leaders and astronauts.

Students are supported by NWI through mentorship as well as scholarship to low resource and minority schools. Student teams research data for their chosen settlement location as well as research their designated requirements through a written body of work. Teams present their collaborative project, discuss their chosen challenges for their settlement and expand upon how they will achieve long-term multigenerational success of their colony. Examples of these chosen challenges range from education, history, sports, arts, and include: how to grow food, the manufacturing of goods and textiles; sustainable energy; and creating a 100% recyclable community.

The members and associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime for everyone. In support of greater STEAM communication in our schools and leading education communities, students can — through critical investigation — identify and pose solutions applicable to real world problems by studying and developing situations of lunar, Martian and Free Space settlement.

*Deadline for registration is September 20, 2015

In addition to the competition, a suite of influential speakers will engage everyone on the intersection of STEAM and space development while discussing their respective endeavors:

Samuel Ximenes — aerospace professional, space architect. Ximenes has worked with Grumman Aerospace Corporation leading design integration efforts of the Japanese and European laboratory modules for NASA’s Space Station program; executive management positions at Lockheed Martin; L-3 Communications, and Futron Corporation; active consultant for The Aerospace Corporation. Founded XArc Exploration Architecture Corporation in 2007 to poise the company for commercial spaceport design/development to serve the commercial spaceflight industry in collaboration with NASA and space exploration initiatives for development of planetary surface systems for habitation and human settlement. XArc was a member of the design team for the Virgin Galactic Terminal & Hangar Facility at Spaceport America, the first purpose-built commercial spaceport; and now Xarc is currently working with the Houston Airport System for development of “Houston Spaceport.”

Vera Mulyani — filmmaker, photographer, children’s literature author, architect in urban design, conceptual strategist in business development and innovation. Vera has most recently been involved with Silicon Beach (Space related) start-ups, assisting with development, through the application of her unique conceptual scoping strategy and access to various different fields of knowledge. Mulyani recently published her children books and one of the stories, Mr. Blue, inspired her to contribute her creative skills to space exploration. Vera’s contribution for the next generation’s great adventure to live on Mars, debuted in creating Mars City Design, a collaborative competition platform which unites innovative thinkers to design the blueprints for future self-sustaining, autonomous cities on Mars. Mulyani challenges candidates to become “responsible guardians of the planets”​, providing the designs that are not just beneficial to humans but also to nature; thus, “Turning the Red Planet back into Green”. Mulyani’s sincere hope is that the future winning designs can provide positive influences to the cities on Earth today.

Janet Ivey —With over ten years in the media, Janet Ivey has captivated Nashville and beyond with her commitment to enriching the lives of children through education and programming. Founder and Host of ‘Janet’s Planet’ where she “travels at the speed of thought” to engage and educate children about everything from history, health, science, and space exploration, the show has been awarded 12 Regional Emmy Awards, 5 Gracie Allen Awards, a STEMFlorida Award, and can be seen on Club Jelly Telly, BatteryPop, HighBrow, Viddiverse, and 120+ public television stations worldwide. Along with being a Buzz Aldrin​ Share Science Ambassador via Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation​, Janet was also recently appointed to the Board of Governors for the National Space Society​ and a featured spokesperson for the NSS Enterprise in Space​ orbiter!

Richard Garriott — private astronaut, video game designer, entrepreneur, artist. Richard became the sixth private citizen to fly aboard the International Space Station aboard the Russian Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft in 2008, following the footsteps of his father, Owen Garriott, who served as a NASA astronaut where he completed two space missions. Richard is currently chairman of Space Adventures, Ltd., the world’s premier private space exploration company. With the acquired artistic talent inherited from his mother, Helen, a professional artist, Richard designed computer games while in high school, where his Ultima series of RPG’s remain one of the most successful and longest running franchises in entertainment software history. In his off time, Richard indulges in adventures sports such as scuba diving, hang gliding, sky diving, caving, rappelling, water/winter sports, and has participated in two expeditions in search of meteorites in Antarctica.

*Deadline to register: September 20, 2015