The New Worlds Institute

Who Are We?

We are the doers of space.

The Members and Associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime. We are all kinds of people from all around this world who are working to open the next. From major scientists and students to engineers, entrepreneurs and makers - we are rolling up our sleeves to blaze and pave the critical path to the frontier.

We leave the politics and policies needed to allow us to open space to others. Our job is to figure out the How? of it all. We believe that anyone can have a good idea, and that those ideas can be born anywhere - government or commercial labs, university class rooms, dorm rooms or on your home computer or workshop. We are working to find these ideas, to vet them and filter them through rigorous interactions with experts in the field and then to plug them into an overall Space Development Matrix that can be used to build the infrastructure of the frontier.

New Worlds is also developing our own projects. Using donations and crowd funding, grants and the sweat equity of our Members and Associates, we will be building and testing flagship technologies, systems and ideas that will help those moving to the frontier to survive and thrive.



The Frontier is Open

 This time we go together.
This time we take it from no one.
This time we give it to everyone.

We invite you to Join Us.
We need your support in this cause.

Space Development Matrix

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Project 2

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