First Group of Speakers for New Worlds 2015 Conference

The New Worlds Institute has announced their top speakers for the upcoming conference in Austin, TX at Palmer Events Center on October 16 & 17, 2015.

Featuring ‘Star Talks’ from commercial space industry leaders, NASA professionals, STEAM Education specialists, and diverse scientific fields, conference attendees will engage with the people, companies and institutions poised to open the space frontier for human development and settlement.

New Worlds Conference 2015 Speakers:

Sir Richard Garriott. Vice Chairman of Space Adventures; trustee and “New Spirit” member of the XPRIZE Foundation; and active member of The Explorers Club. Garriott invested in the Zero G Corporation and SPACEHAB (now Astrotech Corporation); explored the Titanic on the ocean floor; and in October 2008, he became the first second generation American (and son of an astronaut) in space, spending twelve days aboard the ISS, performing scientific research and educational outreach, upon which a documentary was filmed — ‘Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars’.

Jeff Greason. Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board, XCOR Aerospace; Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Personal Spaceflight Federation; serves the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) RLV working group. With nearly 20 years’ experience managing innovative technical project teams at XCOR Aerospace, Rotary Rocket Company (RRC), and Intel Corporation, Greason leads an engineering team that has developed 11 different long life, highly reusable, liquid-fueled rocket engines. Under Jeff’s leadership the company is currently developing the Lynx Mark I suborbital spacecraft, and has developed two generations of piloted reusable rocket aircraft: the EZ-Rocket was flown 26 times, and the X-Racer flew 40 times without mishap. In July 2003, Jeff testified before the joint House/Senate subcommittee hearings on “Commercial Human Spaceflight” that addressed the transition from aircraft regulation to launch vehicle regulation for suborbital vehicles, and 2009 he was named to President Obama’s Human Space Flight Review Committee (Augustine Committee). Greason holds 22 U.S. patents and graduated with honors from California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Robyn Gatens. Deputy Director and NASA:Technology Demonstration Lead at NASA HQ ISS Division, Robyn will bring expertise in overseeing life support subsystems from waste, water, and atmosphere management. Gatens’ role is instrumental regarding humanity’s primary orbiting outpost alongside the knowledge we’re gaining and applying toward long duration, self-sustaining habitation.

Bill Bruner. Civil/Commercial Space Relationship Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Security; serves as the Principal point of contact for strategic relationships with private sector space companies, including NASA and other other government agencies with missions in space. Bruner is also responsible for establishing a new launch vehicle and suborbital applications line of business at a Federally Funded Research and Development Center.

Rick Tumlinson. Founder of commercial space suit company Orbital Outfitters; co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation, Texas Space Alliance; and Chairman of the Board for Deep Space Industries, EarthLight Foundation (ELF), and New Worlds Institute, Tumlinson led the team which took over the Russian Mir Space Station as the world’s first commercial space facility (documented in the film “Orphans of Apollo”). Rick is also a contributing member of The Overview Institute, whose directive is communicated by the Planetary Collective film ‘OVERVIEW’. In 2015, Rick championed the First Pioneering Space National Summit; and on the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11, set forth the Space Declaration regarding a national effort to develop beyond Low Earth Orbit and expand the human presence in space for the purpose of migration and settlement. Rick will be hosting the New Worlds Conference 2015.

Full speakers list at with additional VIPs to be announced!

In recognition of the immeasurable value STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education is to cultivate a society of innovators, scientists, artists, settlers and pioneers of new worlds, the New Worlds Cities in Space STEAM Competition will focus on developing a sustainable settlement for 1,000 people, permitting the human race to survive and thrive in Free Space, the moon or Mars indefinitely. Selected challenges for the students include: agriculture; goods and textiles manufacturing; energy storage; and others.

Women in Space 2.0, student sessions and focused workshops during the New Worlds Conference will discuss critical aspects of space development, such as: medicine, life extension, architecture, landscaping, 3D printing, robotics, farming, eco-friendly practices, space policy, and entrepreneurship. The conference will also debut the ‘Space Development Matrix’ — an online, interactive web platform; organized as a visual matrix, and designed to track and facilitate the development of necessary technologies for human life to thrive off-world or on #NewWorlds.

In celebration of our quest toward preparing a vibrant spacefaring culture through STEAM SPACE Education, the LIFT OFF! benefit concert (tickets here) will be an exploration of sight and sound with a collection of some of the best masters of the flip-side, as we journey through a soundscape of Experimental, Dubstep, Glitch, Downtempo, and Electronic performances by:

Arc Attack— Using modified dual Tesla Coils to play musical notes through frequency modulation (watch: 2010 semi-final performance on America’s Got Talent), their visual wizardry combines additional homemade, high-tech instruments, guitar, bass, automated musical machines, live performers, a Faraday suit, and wielding electricity through the air, just how Nikola would’ve wanted.

The Nadis Warriors — Birthed in the hills outside of the musical mecca of Austin, The Nadis Warriors shed the restrictions of commonplace stage shows to create performance experiences unlike any other. Spreading the Message of Healing and Love Through Textures and Rhythms That Vibrate Your Soul.

Bogtrotter — psychedelic swamp-hop. Deep liquid-laser textures, seamlessly colliding with heavy and hard hitting percussion, Bogtrotter has completed his evolution into a venomous, technologically powered force to be reckoned with.

All attendees of the New Worlds Conference receive free admission. To register for the full, two day conference, visit

Friday, October 16th 2015, 8PM |

“New Worlds 2015 is an experiment. Our goal is to plant the seeds of a new and dynamic space culture that will begin to grow in the years ahead so those who will build the first human space colonies can be prepared when the ships are ready. It may sound crazy, just as 20 years before the Mayflower going across the ocean to start a new community in that New World sounded crazy. But it will also be incredibly fun.”

— Rick Tumlinson

The Members and Associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime. We are all kinds of people from all around this world who are working to open the next. From major scientists and students to engineers, entrepreneurs and makers — we are rolling up our sleeves to blaze and pave the critical path to the frontier.

We leave the politics and policies needed to allow us to open space to others. Our job is to figure out the How? of it all. We believe that anyone can have a good idea, and that those ideas can be born anywhere —government or commercial labs, university class rooms, dorm rooms or on your home computer or workshop. We are working to find and fund these ideas, to vet them and filter them through rigorous interactions with experts in the field, then plug them into an overall Space Development Matrix that can be used to build the infrastructure of the frontier.

New Worlds is also developing our own projects. Using donations and crowd funding, grants and the sweat equity of our Members and Associates, we will be building and testing flagship technologies, systems and ideas that will help those moving to the frontier to survive and thrive.

This time we go together.

This time we take it from no one.

This time we give it to everyone.