New Worlds 2016 Conference and Fair

NW2015 Main-Baffes

On November 4th 2016 we blow the bolts and begin the countdown to launching the first human colonies in space.

Join us at the luxurious At&T Conference Center in the heart of the University of Texas at Austin for what is already becoming one of the Must Attend events of the space year.

AT&T Center Exterior

From the experts opening the frontier today to those who will fly tomorrow, New Worlds 2016 will be a unique gathering of those planning the next phase of human evolution, and those who intend to carry out this greatest of all quests.

New Worlds 2016 will be The gathering place for those who want to settle the frontier of space. Be it the Moon, Mars, Free Space or worlds around another star...

A Well Rounded Exploration of the New Worlds of Space

The New Worlds Conference is the world’s first truly comprehensive gathering of the people, companies and institutions dedicated to opening space to human development and settlement that includes both academic presentations, policy discussions and business blended with education, the art, vision and the culture of the New Frontier.

Featuring top level academic sessions on such topics as space habitats, resources and transportation systems, New Worlds brings together the best of the best when it comes to those setting our course towards the Moon, Mars and the Free Space between worlds, from NASA to commercial New Space companies. In parallel, diverse workshops are designed to grow the culture of the frontier. A strong educational program creates a fully rounded experience that can speak to and inspire people of all types and all generations.

New Worlds, while built on a foundation of hard-core science and engineering, is also a celebration. For example, NW includes art and music with diverse events ranging from the STEAM Space Space Cowboy Ball celebrating the giants on whose shoulders we stand and recognizing the next generation to exhibits and displays by the Space Makers of today. It creates a platform for the heroes and experts who got us where we are today in space to inspire new ideas and concepts in the minds of those who will disrupt today’s conception of what tomorrow can be.

And New Worlds 2016 is where the planning begins.

We Are Going.

You are welcome to Join Us.