Announcing the agenda for the upcoming New Worlds 2015 Conference on October 16–17 at the Palmer Event Center in Austin, TX

The inaugural two-day event will highlight the newest concepts and ideas about building the first human communities on the Moon, Mars and in free space between worlds.

What will the first settlers need in order to be successful in their quest to populate new worlds? What technologies, businesses, and cultural support systems will be required to allow these brave explorers to thrive on the new frontier? New Worlds 2015 will address these questions and more as the first in a series of social gatherings and conferences meant to engage the public, business world, and the scientific community in a constructive dialogue about not just how we get there, but how we stay.

Explore the agenda below, and register now using the 20% discount code ‘NWSEPT15’ to reserve your spot at the first inaugural conference devoted toward the human settlement of space!

October 16, 2015

9:30 am— Opening Keynote: ‘I Am An Astronaut’

Richard Garriott, Private Astronaut, Entrepreneur, Video Game Industry Mogul, featured in ‘Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road To The Stars’ documentary film

10:00 am — S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘The ISS, The First Step To The Frontier’

Robyn Gatens Deputy Director NASA, International Space Station

10:20 am— Session: ‘How To Settle The Moon’

Tom Moser, NASA Engineer for the Apollo Command Module

Patrick Gray, Director of Lunar Programs at Waypaver Labs

12:00 pm — S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Island Hopping to Mars’

Jeff Greason, Co-Founder of XCOR Aerospace

12:30 pm— Lunch Keynote: ‘The Sun Machine’

Dr. John Mankins, Former NASA Chief Technologist; World’s Top Space Solar Power Expert

1:30 pm — Talk: ‘I Want To Live Forever’

Maria Konovalenko, VP of Life Extension Foundation; involved with Biology of Aging PhD student, USC & Buck Institute for Research on Aging

1:50 pm — Session: ‘How to Farm In Space’

John Adams, Deputy Director Biosphere 2; Closed Life Support System Expert

Jon Friedman, President and Co-Founder, Freight Farms

2:40 pm — S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Space Medicine’

Dr. Jim Logan, Former NASA MD; Long Duration and Space Medicine Expert

3:00 pm— Break

3:20 pm— Session: ‘How To Settle Free Space’

Al Globus, Research Associate NASA Ames; Space Colony Design Expert

Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries

Theodore W. Hall, Advanced Visualization Specialist at University of Michigan

Joe Strout, Founder/CEO, Luminary Apps

4:40 pm— Student Awards: ‘The Next Generation’

5:30 pm— S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Designing Space in Space’

Ayse Oren, designer, artist and sculptor (Wiki)

6:00 pm — Closing Talk



Arc Attack — Using modified dual Tesla Coils to play musical notes through frequency modulation (watch: 2010 semi-final performance on America’s Got Talent), their visual wizardry combines additional homemade, high-tech instruments, guitar, bass, automated musical machines, live performers, a Faraday suit, and wielding electricity through the air, just how Nikola would’ve wanted.

The Nadis Warriors — Birthed in the hills outside of the musical mecca of Austin, The Nadis Warriors shed the restrictions of commonplace stage shows to create performance experiences unlike any other. Spreading the Message of Healing and Love Through Textures and Rhythms That Vibrate Your Soul.

Bogtrotter — psychedelic swamp-hop. Deep liquid-laser textures, seamlessly colliding with heavy and hard hitting percussion, Bogtrotter has completed his evolution into a venomous, technologically powered force to be reckoned with.

All attendees of the New Worlds Conference receive free admission. To register for the full, two day conference, visit

Friday, October 16th 2015, 8PM |


October 17, 2015

10:00 am— Intro Talk: ‘Space Economy’

Andrew Nelson, Former XCOR Chairman and COO

10:20 am— Keynote: ‘Mining the Sky’

Dr. John Lewis, Author, “Mining the Sky”; Asteroid Mining Expert

10:50 am— Session: ‘Crowdsourcing/funding Space Panel’

Jason Aspiotis, Space Development Matrix

Jason Kessler, Director NASA Grand Challenge

John Carrico, Google

Alexandra Hall, NASA Ames Portal

Jennifer Lopez, CASIS

12:15 pm — S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Economic History of Commercial Space Exploration’

Alexander MacDonald, NASA JPL; Space Economics and History Expert

12:30 pm — Lunch

1:30 pm — S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Space Elevators’

Michael Laine, Top Expert on Space Elevators

1:50 pm— Session: ‘Infinite Canvas’

Pat Rawlings, Internationally-recognized Space Illustrator

Don Davis, Emmy Award-Winning Space Artist

Bryan Versteeg, Top New Space Artist

Jancy McPhee, Neurobiologist; Director, Humans in Space Art Program

3:00 pm— Break

3:30 pm — Session: ‘Why Mars?’

Rick Tumlinson, Chairman of the Board, New Worlds Institute, Deep Space Industries

Tom Markusic, CEO of Firefly Space Systems

Vera Mulyani, CEO of MarsCityDesign

5:20 pm— S.T.A.R. Talk: ‘Who Owns Space?’

Chris Stott, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ManSat

5:40 pm — Final Talk: ‘Gods and Rockets’

Rick Tumlinson, Founder of Orbital Outfitters; Co-Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation, Texas Space Alliance; Chairman of the Board at Deep Space Industries and the New Worlds Institute

6:00 pm — Conference End

7:00 pm — Closing Offsite Cocktail